Do you know that you have a super power?

You have power over the thoughts swimming around inside your head. You are the captain. You steer the ship and choose which thoughts are worthwhile.

Let Mind Snugglers help guide you to see the good in yourself, in others and in the situations you come across every day.

Snuggle your mind with happy thoughts!


A Happy Snooze


Let Mind Snugglers send them off to bed with happy thoughts inside their head.

Meet the Creators


Author Christy Robertson and Illustrator Caroline Lee are two crafty moms that met in Toronto. They created Mind Snugglers to help nurture positive mental wellness in young children.



Coloring pages, journaling and other mindful activities for kids.


β€œThe BEST book ever to induce a calm and happy sleep for little ones. Thank you for making this delightful book. It is part of our nightly routine!”

This book is a great way to teach the
practice of mindfulness to little children
(and parents, too!) This makes for a unique and
valuable gift for little ones and their families.
— Megan Dahlgren Owner Bella Stella

Available at these and other amazing locations. Shop small! Support local Businesses!

Mini Mioche- Toronto, Ontario
Brika- Toronto, Ontario
Caversham Booksellers- Toronto, Ontario
Red Bulb Expresso Bar- Stouffville, Ontario

Miss Molly's Tea Room- Medina, Ohio
Bella Stella- Portland, Oregon
A Children's Place Bookstore- Portland, Oregon
Tender Loving Empire- Portland, Oregon



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Mind Snugglers is always a popular and
easy choice for our customers. They love
that it delivers a positive message, using
rhymes and adorable illustrations, to help
children reflect on their day and what
they are grateful for
— Sydney Conrad Retail Manager at Mini Mioche
I was pregnant with my daughter when I
came across Mind Snugglers. It was exactly
the message I wanted to make sure I passed
onto my daughter from an early age.
— Kena Paranjape Co-founder of Brika