Favourite colour: blue + yellow

Favourite food: eggs + soups

Daily mantra: Gonna make magic!

Go to mind snuggler: The peace and energy I feel when I am out in the ocean waiting to catch a wave.


Favourite colour: orange + blue

Favourite food: potatoes and peaches

Daily mantra: Have courage, have fun and be kind! 

Go to mind snuggler: Having a good laugh with a friend.


Favourite colour: fuchsia

Favourite food: radish

Daily mantra: I will think of solutions.

Go to mind snuggler: The pride I have when I find a solution to a perplexing problem.  


Favourite colour: green + brown

Favourite food: pineapple

Daily mantra: I got sunshine in a bag!

 Go to mind snuggler: Making Smore's with my friends while camping in the woods. 


Favourite colour: green + purple

Favourite food: grapes

Daily mantra: Today is going to be awesome!

Go to mind snuggler: Having the vision to recreate old scraps into something new and beautiful.


Favourite colour: pink + gold

Favourite food: strawberries

Daily mantra: Be gentle with yourself,

you are doing the best you can.

Go to mind snuggler: Getting sloppy doggy kisses from my pup. 


Favourite colour: mint green + yellow

Favourite food: pizza + tacos

Daily mantra: Forever wild & free.

Go to mind snuggler: Being up early to watch the sun rise.


Wherever Rye goes, Egon goes.


Rix's sweet little side kick.