Busy bodies rest more peacefully when busy minds are calm & happy.


Seven little snugglers are getting ready for bed. Before closing their eyes they choose a cozy place to snuggle in tight, a special toy to snuggle with and cozy thoughts that make them feel thankful and happy.

One way I get myself ready for bed is by choosing good thoughts to fill my head

Author Note

"I spent countless nights tossing and turning, unable to turn off my mind to rest. I came upon scientific based research noting how a moment of positive thinking and gratitude before bedtime played a key role in peaceful sleep.  This simple practice was amazingly effective to both my sleep habits and my overall perspective on life. I wanted to introduce it to my young kids right away.  Unable to find an age appropriate resource, my friend and illustrator Caroline and I got right to work.

-Christy Robertson






A heart full of gratitude

"Teaching a child how to be mentally well can be challenging.  This book provides opportunities for positive self talk, a broad lens through which they can view their day and a way to look forward to new events with a heart full of gratitude and love.  This would be a positive addition to any child (or adult's) beside table.

— S. Coffman Health/ PE teacher

Portland Oregon

Peaceful & effective way to end your day.

"Mind Snugglers is a delightful read, especially for those with active minds and bodies. This book reminds both adults and kids to focus on the positive, and equips them with the means to address concerns in a healthy way. It is a joyful, peaceful and effective way to end your day!"

— M. Kay Youth Leadership Director and Mom of 2

Toronto Canada

Turn our eyes upon what is good

"Mind Snugglers is the perfect way to end your day! Whether you are 2 or 92 our days are full of woe and wonder... Our job as human beings on this earth is to turn our eyes upon what is good, true, beautiful, and lovely... Beholding life this way will surely give us peace in all the moments of our lives! "

— E. Reynolds Preschool Teacher, Mom of 3

Toronto Canada