Mind Snugglers Movement

It is our passion and our mission to put more good out into the world one thought at a time. Our program consists of guiding kids through mindful breathing techniques, discussions and a live book reading. There are a variety of fun and creative projects for each age group that spark good thoughts. Each visit to a school or organization aims to provide children with fun tools and reminders to nurture good thoughts daily.

Grade 3 Mind Snugglers scavenger hunt.

For more details on the Mind Snuggler Movement, or if you’d like us to visit your school or organization please contact us. Our program is best suited for kindergarten and primary grades. We are currently serving schools and groups in the Greater Toronto Area. 

We are available to do book readings, speaking events and lead creative activities that spark good thoughts.

Grade 3 Wrist Snuggler activity.

Christy helps pre-schoolers tie on a wrist snuggler. 

Great questions asked by grade 3 students.


You can also help support the Mind Snugglers Movement by spreading the word about our project. Share a link to the Mind Snugglers website or send your friends to our Facebook page. Thank you for your support.

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